SW D6 Aegis Squad

Audio Log - Trooper 1506SK

To Save a Jedi


Trooper Medic 1506SK recording status on board the Black Ice. We successfully penetrated the hull with little more than a few bumps and bruises. The boarding vessel worked as intended and our team began to move into the ship. Softball and Fingers kept us moving quickly and made quick work of each droid group we came across. Softball in particular used his grenades to amazing advantage and we barely had to fire a shot as we made our way to the bridge.

When we came upon a blast door that was simply not passable I found came across some kind of vent in the wall. It ended up being an entry into the venting system for that part of the ship. The proved to be a huge find as Fingers was able to scout much of our area and even locate the astrogation room, letting us now the bridge was near! With a little help from a re-purposed and modified dinner cart from a kitchen we moved Qbit through the duct system and all staged ourselves outside the hallway leading to the bridge. Softball once again was the hero taking down an entire security team of droids with a single grenade, eliminating the need for a drawn out and time wasting fire fight.

Qbit was able to hack the bridge security door where we found two Neimoidian deck officers, but they put up little resistance. We brought General Kenobi up on the screen just in time to see the life support disabled in his part of the ship. We needed to move fast! Already intimidated by a strike team of clone troopers on their their bridge the Neimoidians told us this was probably the work of “The Engineer”, we even managed to get her location from them before we restrained them in order to keep them from being any additional threat.

We’ve arrived into The Engineer’s chamber. She has rerouted systems for General Kenobi’s quadrant to her console. His life is in our hands. WE need to act fast and…

By the creator… she was waiting for us. There are droids everywhere, I’ve never seen any like this before! Fingers sees The Engineer high up on a dais across a pit…a pit??

Fingers! An ascension gun?!?

Does anyone hear treads? …oh no…




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