SW D6 Aegis Squad

Audio Log - 1506SK "Slip"


I felt…useless. On the floor, among the Engineer’s menagerie of droid minions, I couldn’t have felt further from my brothers. I thought I could deactivate the reactor and stop what could only become the madness of an overwhelming wave of droids and other traps. I saw the control station and I went for it. Damaged….inoperable. I looked up in time to realize I was now separated from Softball and Roger by a small army of droids and a giant tank like creation. I had no idea where Fingers had disappeared to, but I could only assume he’d snapped a line across the pit to find the Engineer.

Then I was floating. Blindsided then lifted off the ground by a giant pincer I already knew where I would be dropped. Useless…I was a burden to my brothers. The worst part was they were so overwhelmed by numbers that they didn’t even know I was in trouble. They held their own, Roger dodged the giant droid several times, but could they win out if I wasn’t there to patch them up? I did the only thing I could do. I grabbed my cutting torch and began to sever the hydraulics of the beast carrying me to my death. First one side…so close to the pit…then the other and slipped from it’s clutches just short of what looked to be a bottomless fall.

As I regained my bearings and realized the reactor was just seconds from engulfing the entire area I heard Fingers over the headset ordering the Engineer to shut down. I don’t know what followed, but soon, thankfully, the reactor powered down as did the droids.

Fingers and I had differing reactions to the Engineer. I think he considers her a threat, plain and simple, but I see her as a victim. A zealot created by the situation and the proper propaganda. She believed we would take her creation and use it to essentially help destroy worlds. That’s not who we are. At least, I believe the Republic is more than that. There has to be a higher purpose to these actions. Doesn’t there? Regardless, I could see looking at her might be like looking into a mirror. Is that what I would say if I was aboard a ship taken over by separatists? Could I possibly believe they had any other intention? I ponder.

Softball called me “Slip” first. He claims I was simply too slippery to get a good grip on, absolutely refusing to acknowledge any ingenuity I may have used to escape. But that’s his way. I’ve had enough of his blood on my hands to know the name isn’t an insult. Roger likes the name because he felt my fall was somewhat less than graceful. That is much closer to the truth I think. So here I am…“Slip”.

I’m happy for Captain Therin. She’s a strong officer and deserves no less. I look forward to doing her proud in the future. As to these new Jedi officers, I can only wait and see. I follow orders of course and I hope their ideals fall somewhat in line with my own. I know what I’ve heard from brothers among the fleet about the Jedi, but actions will speak louder. I follow, but I also watch.

I have asked for permission to see the Engineer before we are shipped out. I wish to see if we can work on a project together. “Build a bridge”, a metaphor I read about in some book during training. Perhaps we can find common ground rebuilding Q-Bit. Perhaps my short metallic friend will be all the smarter and stronger with her guidance over my basic droid programming/building skills. I hope I’m given the chance to try.

Trooper 1506…uhhh…Slip…out.




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