"0369" is the armored tip of the spear that you never saw coming.


Blaster Carbine (to hit) /roll 1D6!5D6-1
Blaster Carbine (damage) /roll 5D6
Vibroblade (to hit) /roll 1D6!
Vibroblade (damage) /roll 5D6+1
Knife (to hit) /roll 1D6!4D6-1
Knife (damage) /roll 4D6
Dodge /roll 1D6!5D6-1
Sneak /roll 1D6!
Blaster (to hit) /roll 1D6!+4D6-1
Blaster Carbine Range 5-14/20/32
Knife (thrown) Range 2-5/7/12


Specialized as a Rifleman, XT-B0369CF showed an aptitude during maturation for both ranged combat and covert operation. During training he was sought by commando, and scout trainers, but he found that serving the Republic with humility as a rifleman was best suited to his by-the-book attitude.

Even for a clone trooper, this soldier is single-mindedly dedicated to his job. He is the poster boy for fitness, neatness, and his edges are square. At the same time, he is (again even more than typical for a 7-year old adult) idealistic and naïve. For all the details he catches on the battlefield, he’d be the last one to suspect a fellow trooper, or officer, of anything less than 100% honesty and forthrightness.


SW D6 Aegis Squad bando