SW D6 Aegis Squad

Personal Log - 1506SK_001

1506SK sits alone in the barracks. Darkness and silence surround him. There is a click as he turns on the recorder

< Begin Recording >
This is Medic Trooper 1506SK, Personal Log 001. I can’t tell the the others but I’m somewhat unnerved by our last mission. It was supposed to be a training mission, but look at the cost. Finding lost brothers mutilated like that? None of them deserved it. They deserved to die like a true clone, in battle fighting for the Republic.

While finding those bodies was bad, the revelation of the Impostor is even worse. I keep thinking, could there be more among us? How do we know the very training officer that sent us into that situation didn’t know what was waiting for us? I don’t believe that was the case, but doubts have begun to seep in. We’re soldiers, we rely on our orders for direction. When you begin to doubt the source of those orders…what do we do?

I’m hopeful that the tissue samples we kept of the Impostor’s remains will lead to some sort of warning system. Perhaps a way to scan for similar tissues on base. Maybe even ways to train true brothers what to look for, an eye test, to pick out the next one. Or more. Additionally, if the Impostor’s memory components were destroyed they may give us something to work with as well.

Brotherhood and discipline are what make us such an incredible fighting force. Our trust in the brother fighting at our shoulder must be protected at all costs. It keeps us alive, moving forward when all else is lost. I’ll do everything I can to protect my team.
< End Recording >



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