SW D6 Aegis Squad

Medical Log 1506_0001c

Aegis Squad Medic Log 1506_0001c

< Begin Recording >
It’s over. In less than a minute it was all over. The one that we thought to be another clone is apparently some kind of droid disguised to look like us. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, if you will. After Comms Trooper 1400BD deactivated the attacking droids we managed to stun the impostor. At that point heavy and light repeater gunners opened up on him and mostly finished the job. While I question the tactics of our more zealous brothers, it turns out their instincts were dead on. He was no clone.

We were able to stop the communications jamming and end some sort of data upload that was taking place from the control console. Softball and I found a way to deactivate the impostor, hopefully we can salvage some information from his memory components. I’m having Fingers and Red collect the “flesh” from the impostor so it can be studied as well, perhaps it will be useful.

Additionally, Fingers found brother’s in the medical bay who had been, well, mutilated. It would appear these droids were doing tests of their own. I will search for any medical records they may have not uploaded or ultimately left behind.

Aegis Squad took casualties during the initial drop, brothers I’m sure we’ll never see again. They served the Republic well in their time. All other wounds taken during combat have been dealt with and further medical treatment to remove any ongoing affects will be administered back at base. What remains of Aegis Squad will be back at full strength in no time. For the Republic.
< End Recording >



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