SW D6 Aegis Squad

Medical Log 1506_0001b

Aegis Squad Medic Log 1506_0001b

<< Begin Recording >>
Aegis squad advanced into the droid’s stronghold only to find a trap. Pinned down from three sides we managed to stay out of what would have been deadly crossfire and take down several clankers with ion grenades and our rifles. Several clones wounded, one badly during the battle, but I fixed them up well enough to continue at near full capacity.

We’re entering the central room of the bunker now. What is one of our brother’s doing here? At least the droids don’t seem to be actively engaging us. Fingers and Comms are going to question our brother about what we found outside…Who’s firing?!?! Roger, no! Shut down the droids! We just want to know what’s going on…

Fingers! Get down! He’s about to <ssszzzzzzsssssssszzzzzzz>
<< Error >>
<< Recording Disabled >>



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