SW D6 Aegis Squad

Medical Log 1506_0001a

Begin Recording
Aegis Squad Medic Log 1506_0001a.
This is Trooper 1506, we’ve dropped into chaos. We’ve taken live fire from droids and communications is scrambled. Regrouped as best we could to assault target. Aegis squad worked as a team, I shadowed one of the heavy gunner positions. Trooper “Fingers” was able to infiltrate enemy emplacements as the rest of the squad kept all droids occupied by blaster fire. Trooper “Red” took a blaster shot through the hip and went down. My training kicked in and I just ran to him, I wasn’t even concerned about cover. Checking the wound it was cauterized all the way through, as expected. No vitals injured, mostly tissue seared through. Able to patch him up and get him moving along. Seems to be moving well with only slight soreness. Special commendations to Trooper “Fingers” for cleaning out the enemy from the inside and getting us in the door, also to Trooper 6712 for taking down that monstrous walker. We’re inside, ready for what awaits.
End Recording



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