SW D6 Aegis Squad

"Fingers" Log, Episode 2: Shore Leave

Hard booze and easy women.

There will not be an official version of this, let me tell you. We arrived at Velmor two days ago but it seems like a week. Being back on Camino seems… like a year ago. Lots of new things all at once will do that to you, I guess.

It’s a week of firsts for sure. Our “official” graduation, our induction into some sort of special operations division… intelligence I guess. Well, those are are big events. The capstone of our education, which didn’t go exactly as planned… maybe I should start there.

“Sev”. He’s an old dog. An early clone, who taught me and “Roger” the art of stealth. Together we hatched a plan to get one over on him. We rigged (with the help of a source I won’t reveal) some white noise to come on over the PA to hide our movements and struck while he was supposed to be sleeping. I went for his badges but ended up with some kind of knick-knacks… point is they were personal effects so I thought it was good enough. We meant to surprise him privately the next parade, or after it, but when I woke up the next morning “Sev” was standing over my bed with that bag in his hand. Krike. He’s a salty one… I mean, he had some lecture for me about by-the-book and how I needed to expand beyond the book, but you know… that’s why they write the damned book!

I played it off… I think he was proud of me for trying. I hope he’ll keep his word… I hope he’ll salute at my funeral if it comes to that.

Then it was interrogations by Doctor Marka. I don’t know who she thought she was interviewing but I’m not going to talk about classified materials with just some schmuck without authorization. She wanted to know about my blasted feelings… well, she can shove it. Damn right we’re pissed off. Damn right we want to blow whatever Seppie bantha-fodder-sucking [cursing] are behind this… but there are proper channels, and she had better be right with my respect for those channels. Now, I know this’ll probably come off like I’m railing at her ‘cause my feelings are hurt, but I got enough sense to know when I’m pissed and what for. So, if she means to dock me for not wanting to share, she can dock me. Well, I gave her a line about how I’m all broken up, told the truth, and then spit. You know where that got me.

Velmor. Not much to speak of really. Farms and what not. The orbital base though is definitely different than what we saw on Camino. Ever carry around a hammer all your life and never see a nail? Well, I got an 8 inch hammer that just saw a female Twi’lek for the first time. [Laughing]. Yeah… so… girls are something I wasn’t prepared for. Gotta admit. But I kept my cool. I’d like to find one I can keep. I don’t like rentals.

Food was good. Worth every credit. I started mouthing off about how we gotta toe the line even though we’re on leave. To keep our traps shut about the mission and stuff. About then is when “Softball” started doing deathsticks and ordered me a strong drink. I don’t remember much after that. I’m sure I was just over-reacting.


Nice post!

Unfortunately, there will be an official version. You may never see it, but…


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