SW D6 Aegis Squad

Episode 3 Wrap-up

Episode 3 Wrap-up

Some Player Character Highlights:
• 0369CF “Fingers” successfully detected 4 T-series droids in the lab. He recovered one of them from the lab.
• 1506SK managed to stabilize 3 Mirialan tribesmen who had been experimented upon. The team chose to rescue 2 of them.
• 5433AB “Roger” took the Neimoidian security tech into custody but shot him in the back when he fled.
• 6712SS “Softball” detonated some blaster packs to disable the attacking Neimoidian security guards. He also managed to open a security door by blasting the controls.

Some New Characters:
• Lieutenant Layna Therin
Bothan naval intelligence officer
commanding officer of Aegis Squad
“This intelligence is vital to the Republic.”
• Doctor Lara Mavin
Human cybernetics researcher
Works at the CIS research facility on Mimban
• Vennar
Mirialan hunter
very stealthy
“We must take back what is ours.”
• Pasien
Mirialan farmer
“If we fight, they will kill our families.”
• Paxim
Mirialan farmer
“Violence is never the best solution.”

Some New Places
• Mimban
An isolated swamp world inhabited by Mirialan primitives
Subjugated, at least partially, by the CIS
• Palustris Village
Small hunting and farming village in the SE hemisphere of Mimban
Its inhabitants have been subjugated by the CIS



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