SW D6 Aegis Squad

Episode 3

Episode 3: Swamped

The Clone Troopers of AEGIS SQUAD have successfully completed their training and have been assigned to their new unit.

Lieutenant LAYNA THERIN, a Bothan intelligence officer, has determined that the Infiltrator Droid’s point of origin was the primitive swamp planet of Mimban.

Impressed by AEGIS SQUAD’S valor, skill, and resourcefulness, command has dispatched the troopers to Mimban to gather intelligence from the depths of the swamp…

Softball: “LZ secure.”
Lt. Therin: “Be vigilant, men. There’s no way to know what we’ll find in this swamp, but you can bet it won’t be friendly.”
Fingers: “Yes, mam! This trooper is on alert.”
Medic: “And try not to touch your mouth or face, there’s no telling what you’ll catch.”
Roger: “Like hysteria, or pyromania, or cat-scratch fever?”
Medic: “Don’t be paranoid.”
Fingers: “Copy. Avoid contact with microbes, parasites, and mental disorders.”
Softball: <patting> “Good. I prefer contact with inorganics.”
QB8: <whistle-grunting> “Terrain = interference > 42%: north heading = large power source.”
Lt. Therin: “0369CF, take the point. Squad, fan out. Watch for mines and traps.
Fingers: “With pleasure, mam! 0369CF moving out.”



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