SW D6 Aegis Squad

Episode 2 "Shore Leave"

Episode 2: “Shore” Leave

The Clone Troopers of AEGIS SQUAD have recovered from their injuries sustained during the ambush on their training mission.

Command has dispatched the squad to JADEN’S JETSAM Space Station in the Mid-Rim region of the galaxy.

The Clones have no experience of the galaxy beyond their watery, military home on KAMINO…

Softball: “This does NOT look secure.”
Fingers: “Affirmative. Probability of infection, intoxication, and incarceration are high. .”
Roger: “That means sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, baby!”
Medic: “I can fix most of the first two…”

Episode 2 Wrap-up

Some Player Character Highlights:
• 0369CF “Fingers” tried to out-sneak the commando/sniper trainer, RC-1107 “Sev.” It went as planned, but didn’t work. At Jaden’s Jetsam he invented the orange-colored drink “Soulless Station.” He also chipped in for the squad dinner at Kirshner’s, a “chop” restaurant offering very exotic food.
• 0580YW has picked up the group’s communications role, and the nickname “Switch.” (“It’s a double entendre, guys! Get it? Like a switch board. But I also switched combat roles. Why is no one else smiling? Oh, go screw!”)
• 0650RD “Red” has no idea where he is, doesn’t care, and drinks: so he’s in cell number 3.
• 1506SK bought a droid program from an Ugnaught named Wree-ek in the commerce module. He also managed to abstain from all drinking and chipped in for the squad dinner at Kirshner’s.
• 5433AB “Roger” won 300 credits playing a game of marksmanship. He promptly lost much of it with a green Twi’lek dancer.
• 6712SS “Softball” started a large party on their first night in. The theme: girls, girls, girls. And there was drinking, and death sticks, and the red-head on the second night, and more death sticks.

Some New Characters:

  • Chief Warrant Officer RC1107 “Sev”
    Clone commando
    Sniper and infiltration instructor at Kamino
    “If you can sneak up on me, great. If not, I’ll salute at your funeral.”
  • Lieutenant Eelin Marka
    Human medical officer
    Medicine training instructor at Kamino
    Psychiatric evaluator
    “How does that make you feel?”
  • “Angie”
    Human escort?
    “Tell me about yourself, honey.”
  • Wree-ek
    Ugnaught droid programmer
    “Wrrng nugg brrgnn?”

Some New Places

  • Velmor System
    An isolated world inhabited by humans and many alien species
    Has varied climate and terrain similar to Earth
    Aligned with neither Republic nor CIS
    Produces many goods, chief export is food
  • Jaden’s Jetsam
    A medium space station near Velmor in the mid-rim
    Its location makes it ideal for trade, espionage, and all kinds of underworld activities
  • Kirshner’s Restaurant
    A “chop” restaurant on Jaden’s Jetsam
  • Club Trilogy
    A night club on Jaden’s Jetsam

Ending Cash:

  • 0369CF: $675
  • 1506SK: $55
  • 5433AB: $705
  • 6712SS: $325



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