SW D6 Aegis Squad

Audio Log - 1506SK

<< RECORD >>

This is Trooper Medic 1506SK. The rest of the unit moved on to security and has not yet returned. Shaft and I finished downloading all intelligence and worked our way over to cybernetics. What we’ve found is…bad. Bad enough that I tore the lab apart looking for a recorder of any type to take down what I’ve found. Apparently this lab is run by a Doctor Lara Mavin. We will need to investigate who this woman is. I have found three locals, at least that’s what they were. They are still alive in varying degrees of health, however they have all been altered. Metal has replaced flesh in different ways on each one. Limb replacement as a medical procedure is one thing, this is monstrous and cruel. I’ve managed to stabilize all three, but one cannot be moved without assistance. In fact, moving him may kill him ultimately. However, if we leave him, his fate will b worse. We’re going to move out and find the rest of Aegis.


<< RECORD >>

A mess. That’s what we’re in. Aegis Squad minus myself secured a prisoner, but he was able to escape. Roger went in pursuit and resorted to deadly force in the end. Whatever that security tech knew died with him. Must remind the Lieutenant to educate Roger on the stun setting of energy weapons.
<< PAUSE >>
We found what looked like prisoners, but they’re not. They have dead eyes…as if a corpse were walking. I believe these to be more droids shrouded in humanoid skin. But to what end? How many of the locals in the village now are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing? Can we trust any of them? Shaft and I were able to deactivate the droids before they became a problem, but…*(Voice of Softball) DROIDEKAS! WE NEED TO MOVE OUT NOW!* Bloody Hell..




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