SW D6 Aegis Squad

Episode 1: Trial by Fire

Episode 1: Trial By Fire
It is a period of civil war. Thousands of star systems have seceded from the Galactic Republic under the leadership of the charismatic COUNT DOOKU.
These SEPARATISTS and their droid armies have plundered the resources and enslaved the peoples of hundreds of free worlds. Only the CLONE TOOPERS of the Galactic Republic stand against this threat.
The newest troopers of AEGIS SQUAD have completed their advanced training. They fly into battle simulation in their Gunship, ready to prove to their superiors that they are ready for combat missions…

Lieutenant: “Listen up, shinies, you know the objectives: defeat the clanker opposition and retrieve intelligence from their command center. Droid weapons are on stun, but our weapons are live, so check your lines of fire.”
All clones: “Sir, yes, sir!”
Rifleman: “We’re coming up on the drop zone now.”
Comms: “No clanker activity on the scanners yet.”
Medic: “You should be able to get a reading…”
Heavy: “Drop the heavy gear down the ropes first, we follow.”
Sniper: “For those about to rock: we salute you.”
(The interior of the Gunship flares bright yellow with warning lights as claxons warn of imminent attack.)
Comms: “Enemy guns targeting our ship!”
Rifleman: “We’re over the drop zone now.”
Lt.: “Two by two now. Go! Go! Go!”
(The first two clones repel down. The gunship lists to port abruptly as a deafening bang and a blinding flash overwhelm your senses.)
Sniper: “Whoah! That was like a rainbow… in the dark!”
Heavy: “One more hit like that, and this ship is going down. We’ve got to get out now!”
Medic: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

That was just the beginning. As the squad scrambles to get out of the dropship, it is struck by more “enemy” fire. It trails off into the distance, crashing with several clones aboard, including the Lieutenant.

Leaderless, the clones realize that they are on their own to proceed. They locate the droid position and assault, defeating all the opposition including a walker-sized spider droid.

During the attack they begin to realize that something is terribly wrong: all communications have been jammed, and the droids are using deadly force.

Gaining access to the communications center interior, they stand on the brink of a long, dim corridor. Their only chance to shut down the droids lies somewhere in the darkness ahead…

Medical Log 1506_0001a

Begin Recording
Aegis Squad Medic Log 1506_0001a.
This is Trooper 1506, we’ve dropped into chaos. We’ve taken live fire from droids and communications is scrambled. Regrouped as best we could to assault target. Aegis squad worked as a team, I shadowed one of the heavy gunner positions. Trooper “Fingers” was able to infiltrate enemy emplacements as the rest of the squad kept all droids occupied by blaster fire. Trooper “Red” took a blaster shot through the hip and went down. My training kicked in and I just ran to him, I wasn’t even concerned about cover. Checking the wound it was cauterized all the way through, as expected. No vitals injured, mostly tissue seared through. Able to patch him up and get him moving along. Seems to be moving well with only slight soreness. Special commendations to Trooper “Fingers” for cleaning out the enemy from the inside and getting us in the door, also to Trooper 6712 for taking down that monstrous walker. We’re inside, ready for what awaits.
End Recording

Episode 1.5
"The Enemy Within"

Episode 1.5: The Enemy Within

Stranded and leaderless, the clones of AEGIS SQUAD realize that they are on their own to proceed. They locate the droid position and assault, defeating all opposition, including a walker-sized spider droid.

During their attack, they realize that something is terribly wrong: all communication has been jammed, and the droids are using deadly force.

After gaining access to the communications center interior, they stand on the threshold of a long, dim corridor. Their only chance to shut down the droids lies somewhere in the darkness ahead…

Sniper: “I’m back in black: switching to night-vision.”
Rifleman: “Copy. Night-vision activated.”
Comms: (checking his equipment) “The droid control terminal should be to the east.”
Medic: “That’ll be the easy way to shut down all these clankers.”
Heavy: (patting his gun) “If not, there’s always the hard way.”
Sniper: “Do you see a faint blue glow down there?”
Comms: “Negative. I just see a big dark blur.”
Rifleman: “Affirmative. Blue glow. Possible shield generator.”
Medic: (shaking his head) “If there are destroyers in this hallway…”
Heavy: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

The troopers take down their first Droideka destroyers in the hallway. Proceeding into the next room, they find a familiar face. Another clone welcomes them and tells them they have made it to the end.

One rifleman, the communications operator, and the medic, approach in good faith, thinking that their final test of soldiery is complete.

The team sniper (dubbed “Roger” because of his insistence on using the droid comms protocol of “roger”) and the other rifleman (0580YW)see the other droids in the room and open fire.

Red (one of the Aegis gunners) sees doors opening and investigates, noticing another rooms full of Droidekas. He opens fire and disables one before it can power on.

The strange clone opens fire on the squad.

What is happening?

Medical Log 1506_0001b

Aegis Squad Medic Log 1506_0001b

<< Begin Recording >>
Aegis squad advanced into the droid’s stronghold only to find a trap. Pinned down from three sides we managed to stay out of what would have been deadly crossfire and take down several clankers with ion grenades and our rifles. Several clones wounded, one badly during the battle, but I fixed them up well enough to continue at near full capacity.

We’re entering the central room of the bunker now. What is one of our brother’s doing here? At least the droids don’t seem to be actively engaging us. Fingers and Comms are going to question our brother about what we found outside…Who’s firing?!?! Roger, no! Shut down the droids! We just want to know what’s going on…

Fingers! Get down! He’s about to <ssszzzzzzsssssssszzzzzzz>
<< Error >>
<< Recording Disabled >>

Medical Log 1506_0001c

Aegis Squad Medic Log 1506_0001c

< Begin Recording >
It’s over. In less than a minute it was all over. The one that we thought to be another clone is apparently some kind of droid disguised to look like us. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, if you will. After Comms Trooper 1400BD deactivated the attacking droids we managed to stun the impostor. At that point heavy and light repeater gunners opened up on him and mostly finished the job. While I question the tactics of our more zealous brothers, it turns out their instincts were dead on. He was no clone.

We were able to stop the communications jamming and end some sort of data upload that was taking place from the control console. Softball and I found a way to deactivate the impostor, hopefully we can salvage some information from his memory components. I’m having Fingers and Red collect the “flesh” from the impostor so it can be studied as well, perhaps it will be useful.

Additionally, Fingers found brother’s in the medical bay who had been, well, mutilated. It would appear these droids were doing tests of their own. I will search for any medical records they may have not uploaded or ultimately left behind.

Aegis Squad took casualties during the initial drop, brothers I’m sure we’ll never see again. They served the Republic well in their time. All other wounds taken during combat have been dealt with and further medical treatment to remove any ongoing affects will be administered back at base. What remains of Aegis Squad will be back at full strength in no time. For the Republic.
< End Recording >

Personal Log - 1506SK_001

1506SK sits alone in the barracks. Darkness and silence surround him. There is a click as he turns on the recorder

< Begin Recording >
This is Medic Trooper 1506SK, Personal Log 001. I can’t tell the the others but I’m somewhat unnerved by our last mission. It was supposed to be a training mission, but look at the cost. Finding lost brothers mutilated like that? None of them deserved it. They deserved to die like a true clone, in battle fighting for the Republic.

While finding those bodies was bad, the revelation of the Impostor is even worse. I keep thinking, could there be more among us? How do we know the very training officer that sent us into that situation didn’t know what was waiting for us? I don’t believe that was the case, but doubts have begun to seep in. We’re soldiers, we rely on our orders for direction. When you begin to doubt the source of those orders…what do we do?

I’m hopeful that the tissue samples we kept of the Impostor’s remains will lead to some sort of warning system. Perhaps a way to scan for similar tissues on base. Maybe even ways to train true brothers what to look for, an eye test, to pick out the next one. Or more. Additionally, if the Impostor’s memory components were destroyed they may give us something to work with as well.

Brotherhood and discipline are what make us such an incredible fighting force. Our trust in the brother fighting at our shoulder must be protected at all costs. It keeps us alive, moving forward when all else is lost. I’ll do everything I can to protect my team.
< End Recording >

Episode 1 Wrap-up
We didn't see that coming...

Aegis Squad managed to complete their “training” mission without further casualties. Inside the communications center, they fought through an ambush, shut down a security breach, and encountered and defeated a new type of droid.

Some Character Highlights:
• 0369CF “Fingers” kept talking in disbelief to his fellow “clone” even when others’ instincts prompted them to start firing. When the fighting was over, he gave his fallen brother what little dignity he could by covering his corpse with a blanket.
• 0580YW thankfully remembered to pack some grenades which he used effectively in the hallway ambush. Sensing that the trap had continued into the control room, he immediately began firing and took out half the droids single-handedly.
• 0650RD “Red” was apparently paying attention on Droideka training day: he took down 4 of them.
• 1400BD managed to stop the data upload and shut down the droids despite taking multiple wounds and his obsession with bacon.
• 1506SK managed to keep from killing any of the wounded troopers despite numerous equipment malfunctions and unfavorable combat conditions.
• 5433AB earned the nickname “Roger” by continuing to use the CIS droid communication protocol for affirmatives. His instincts saw through the imposter clone almost instantly.
• 6712SS earned the nickname “Softball” with his less-than-effective usage of grenades. His obsession with geometry seemed to outweigh his actual ability to toss a grenade.

Some Intelligence:
• There is a new model of droid. Its CIS designation is the T1. Intelligence is naming it the “Doppelganger” because it seems designed to replace its targets by literally wearing their skins.
• Large amounts of classified data were transmitted off-world through the holonet. There is a huge potential for CIS exploitation of this data.
• Five clone troopers are confirmed dead after this mission: 1 rifleman, 1 demolitions, 2 pilots, 1 lieutenant, and the training exercise technician.
• Aegis Squad’s command has been commissioned to Lt. Layna Therin, a Bothan naval intelligence officer.

Some Treasure:
• Special Blaster Carbine: +1pip damage, +1pip attack
• Special Scope: +1pip attack
• Single-use Missile Launcher: 8D damage
• Single-use Medical Supplies: +1D to Treat Injury (with or without other equipment)

"Fingers" Log, End of Episode 1
We are the threat.

Force Reconnaissance Privileged Intelligence


The following is an excerpt from information compiled by clone trooper “Fingers” 0369CF submitted to intelligence section clone trooper central command through proper channels. To be read by appropriate personnel to manage the sensitive information contained.


The matter for the record is not the replacement of stun by live fire for the capstone exercise. Not even the loss of life, or property. Rather, the unanticipated droid commander, designation T1 and his intent to transmit massive quantities of information to a remote party yet undiscovered. It seems clear to this trooper that the act of sedition of Republic droid hardware was not unaided. In fact it is fully expected that a treasonous rebellion, one who is well-organized, and at least adequately aware of our own tactics and equipment is at the source of this event. This trooper’s digest of the facts are enumerated below:

  1. Droid designated T1 is capable of commanding a large quantity of lesser intelligence droids with military precision.
  2. Either independent actors or internal defectors affiliated with some anti-Republic conspiracy (hereafter called simply “The AR conspiracy”) created this T1 and deployed it for the purpose of acquiring Republic military data.
  3. The AR conspiracy has its own intelligence and perhaps counter-intelligence element which can benefit from the wholesale data theft stopped by Aegis squad.
  4. T1 provides a uniquely disturbing threat in that it instigates a level of distrust and paranoia since the threat takes our own form.

Sadly, it is this trooper’s observation that our unity which is normally our strength… singular purpose, singular identity, singular brotherhood will pose as the perfect disguise with the threat of the T1 droid.

This trooper sees that insofar as the threat takes our form, we are the threat. Yet, it seems we have interrupted, and perhaps defused the immediate plans of the AR conspiracy. If we can quickly capitalize on our unanticipated success, we can threaten to undo their plans entirely. In that sense too, we are the threat. Our enemies should despair, for this trooper intends to recover his losses.

My life for the Republic.

"Fingers" Log, End of Episode 1
He died for a reason.

0369CF – “Fingers”, personal audio recording:

Training did not prepare me adequately for today. I did not expect betrayal by my own brother, and insofar as that went, I was right. It was not a fellow clone who betrayed us but an abomination of his flesh. I know that the trooper who died died for a reason. He died for the Republic. Still, to witness death on the battlefield is something that cannot be known until it is experienced. To see your brothers take grievous wounds… mortal if not for the quick intervention of our medic, when this was… well it was supposed to be a milk-run.

Live fire instead of stun blasts greeted us. Our drop ship was incinerated as we glided down. Communication out. It was hard to believe at first. Then it all happened so fast. My training kicked in. All of ours did. While heavy guns opened fire, I snuck undetected past enemy lines. We had taken out 90% of the enemy infantry at the gate before I even got there, but still managed to take one down and was the first to see the walker. It’s lucky we have men with heavies who have true aim. I tried for the emplacement gun, but it’s all droid interface. That was all over in literally seconds. We had breached the gate. There was more hell between us and our objective… at that point we were trying to restore comms and seek secondary objectives from command.

It’s honestly a blur after that. I pieced it together for my official log, but let’s face it. A lot of droids were disassembled, and a few of us were too as we worked our way toward the command center. It seemed at times that our comms officer was on the ground more than he was standing. Medic was screaming status, keeping us alive. Heavy guns were taking and delivering the majority of the damage. I was fleet of foot as usual, out in front but fast enough to stay safe. I had the feeling like I was invulnerable, I wasn’t hit at all. Barely shot at. Like the sims. It felt like the sims.

Until we got to the command center. I felt in control, despite it all, until then. To see a fellow officer, seemingly resisting communication, refusing to properly give us his status. It was… confusing. Then our sniper… he must have seen it. I screamed to cease fire because how could I know he was so right. Of course it was the droid. WEARING. WEARING one of our brothers. ))(%*#@$. It’s not done. It’s not honorable. It’s not what a soldier would do. Not my training. I EXCEL damnit. I am a GOOD trooper. We do not train to see our brothers worn as suits.
::audible sound of glass and pouring liquid::


It… was all over. So soon. I regained my composure. Called it in. Nevermind what I was going through flesh with my hands when I discovered it was a droid. Nevermind that I covered the mutilated body of the trooper who was stripped of skin with a sheet before I did it. I’m calling that the cost of my education. I broke down. I showed weakness, but I was still the first man to call it in. Still the man who called for tech on the terminals. Still the man who regained his composure fast enough to make the tactical decisions that needed to be made. Call that moment of weakness the cost of my innocence. It’s paid in full.

That trooper, he died for a reason. He died so that I would better serve my Republic. So that I can lead my squad if need be. Whether that means command, or to lead from the front, I stand rededicated to my convictions. I will put my vibroblades and blaster-bolts through as many of the Republic’s enemies as necessary, discover as many T1s as possible until my brethren stand safe and the Republic enforces its just order throughout this sector. This galaxy.


To the Republic.

Episode 2 "Shore Leave"

Episode 2: “Shore” Leave

The Clone Troopers of AEGIS SQUAD have recovered from their injuries sustained during the ambush on their training mission.

Command has dispatched the squad to JADEN’S JETSAM Space Station in the Mid-Rim region of the galaxy.

The Clones have no experience of the galaxy beyond their watery, military home on KAMINO…

Softball: “This does NOT look secure.”
Fingers: “Affirmative. Probability of infection, intoxication, and incarceration are high. .”
Roger: “That means sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, baby!”
Medic: “I can fix most of the first two…”

Episode 2 Wrap-up

Some Player Character Highlights:
• 0369CF “Fingers” tried to out-sneak the commando/sniper trainer, RC-1107 “Sev.” It went as planned, but didn’t work. At Jaden’s Jetsam he invented the orange-colored drink “Soulless Station.” He also chipped in for the squad dinner at Kirshner’s, a “chop” restaurant offering very exotic food.
• 0580YW has picked up the group’s communications role, and the nickname “Switch.” (“It’s a double entendre, guys! Get it? Like a switch board. But I also switched combat roles. Why is no one else smiling? Oh, go screw!”)
• 0650RD “Red” has no idea where he is, doesn’t care, and drinks: so he’s in cell number 3.
• 1506SK bought a droid program from an Ugnaught named Wree-ek in the commerce module. He also managed to abstain from all drinking and chipped in for the squad dinner at Kirshner’s.
• 5433AB “Roger” won 300 credits playing a game of marksmanship. He promptly lost much of it with a green Twi’lek dancer.
• 6712SS “Softball” started a large party on their first night in. The theme: girls, girls, girls. And there was drinking, and death sticks, and the red-head on the second night, and more death sticks.

Some New Characters:

  • Chief Warrant Officer RC1107 “Sev”
    Clone commando
    Sniper and infiltration instructor at Kamino
    “If you can sneak up on me, great. If not, I’ll salute at your funeral.”
  • Lieutenant Eelin Marka
    Human medical officer
    Medicine training instructor at Kamino
    Psychiatric evaluator
    “How does that make you feel?”
  • “Angie”
    Human escort?
    “Tell me about yourself, honey.”
  • Wree-ek
    Ugnaught droid programmer
    “Wrrng nugg brrgnn?”

Some New Places

  • Velmor System
    An isolated world inhabited by humans and many alien species
    Has varied climate and terrain similar to Earth
    Aligned with neither Republic nor CIS
    Produces many goods, chief export is food
  • Jaden’s Jetsam
    A medium space station near Velmor in the mid-rim
    Its location makes it ideal for trade, espionage, and all kinds of underworld activities
  • Kirshner’s Restaurant
    A “chop” restaurant on Jaden’s Jetsam
  • Club Trilogy
    A night club on Jaden’s Jetsam

Ending Cash:

  • 0369CF: $675
  • 1506SK: $55
  • 5433AB: $705
  • 6712SS: $325

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