SW D6 Aegis Squad

Medical Log 1506_0001a

Begin Recording
Aegis Squad Medic Log 1506_0001a.
This is Trooper 1506, we’ve dropped into chaos. We’ve taken live fire from droids and communications is scrambled. Regrouped as best we could to assault target. Aegis squad worked as a team, I shadowed one of the heavy gunner positions. Trooper “Fingers” was able to infiltrate enemy emplacements as the rest of the squad kept all droids occupied by blaster fire. Trooper “Red” took a blaster shot through the hip and went down. My training kicked in and I just ran to him, I wasn’t even concerned about cover. Checking the wound it was cauterized all the way through, as expected. No vitals injured, mostly tissue seared through. Able to patch him up and get him moving along. Seems to be moving well with only slight soreness. Special commendations to Trooper “Fingers” for cleaning out the enemy from the inside and getting us in the door, also to Trooper 6712 for taking down that monstrous walker. We’re inside, ready for what awaits.
End Recording

Episode 1: Trial by Fire

Episode 1: Trial By Fire
It is a period of civil war. Thousands of star systems have seceded from the Galactic Republic under the leadership of the charismatic COUNT DOOKU.
These SEPARATISTS and their droid armies have plundered the resources and enslaved the peoples of hundreds of free worlds. Only the CLONE TOOPERS of the Galactic Republic stand against this threat.
The newest troopers of AEGIS SQUAD have completed their advanced training. They fly into battle simulation in their Gunship, ready to prove to their superiors that they are ready for combat missions…

Lieutenant: “Listen up, shinies, you know the objectives: defeat the clanker opposition and retrieve intelligence from their command center. Droid weapons are on stun, but our weapons are live, so check your lines of fire.”
All clones: “Sir, yes, sir!”
Rifleman: “We’re coming up on the drop zone now.”
Comms: “No clanker activity on the scanners yet.”
Medic: “You should be able to get a reading…”
Heavy: “Drop the heavy gear down the ropes first, we follow.”
Sniper: “For those about to rock: we salute you.”
(The interior of the Gunship flares bright yellow with warning lights as claxons warn of imminent attack.)
Comms: “Enemy guns targeting our ship!”
Rifleman: “We’re over the drop zone now.”
Lt.: “Two by two now. Go! Go! Go!”
(The first two clones repel down. The gunship lists to port abruptly as a deafening bang and a blinding flash overwhelm your senses.)
Sniper: “Whoah! That was like a rainbow… in the dark!”
Heavy: “One more hit like that, and this ship is going down. We’ve got to get out now!”
Medic: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

That was just the beginning. As the squad scrambles to get out of the dropship, it is struck by more “enemy” fire. It trails off into the distance, crashing with several clones aboard, including the Lieutenant.

Leaderless, the clones realize that they are on their own to proceed. They locate the droid position and assault, defeating all the opposition including a walker-sized spider droid.

During the attack they begin to realize that something is terribly wrong: all communications have been jammed, and the droids are using deadly force.

Gaining access to the communications center interior, they stand on the brink of a long, dim corridor. Their only chance to shut down the droids lies somewhere in the darkness ahead…


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