SW D6 Aegis Squad

"Fingers" Log, End of Episode 1

We are the threat.

Force Reconnaissance Privileged Intelligence


The following is an excerpt from information compiled by clone trooper “Fingers” 0369CF submitted to intelligence section clone trooper central command through proper channels. To be read by appropriate personnel to manage the sensitive information contained.


The matter for the record is not the replacement of stun by live fire for the capstone exercise. Not even the loss of life, or property. Rather, the unanticipated droid commander, designation T1 and his intent to transmit massive quantities of information to a remote party yet undiscovered. It seems clear to this trooper that the act of sedition of Republic droid hardware was not unaided. In fact it is fully expected that a treasonous rebellion, one who is well-organized, and at least adequately aware of our own tactics and equipment is at the source of this event. This trooper’s digest of the facts are enumerated below:

  1. Droid designated T1 is capable of commanding a large quantity of lesser intelligence droids with military precision.
  2. Either independent actors or internal defectors affiliated with some anti-Republic conspiracy (hereafter called simply “The AR conspiracy”) created this T1 and deployed it for the purpose of acquiring Republic military data.
  3. The AR conspiracy has its own intelligence and perhaps counter-intelligence element which can benefit from the wholesale data theft stopped by Aegis squad.
  4. T1 provides a uniquely disturbing threat in that it instigates a level of distrust and paranoia since the threat takes our own form.

Sadly, it is this trooper’s observation that our unity which is normally our strength… singular purpose, singular identity, singular brotherhood will pose as the perfect disguise with the threat of the T1 droid.

This trooper sees that insofar as the threat takes our form, we are the threat. Yet, it seems we have interrupted, and perhaps defused the immediate plans of the AR conspiracy. If we can quickly capitalize on our unanticipated success, we can threaten to undo their plans entirely. In that sense too, we are the threat. Our enemies should despair, for this trooper intends to recover his losses.

My life for the Republic.



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