SW D6 Aegis Squad

Episode 1.5

"The Enemy Within"

Episode 1.5: The Enemy Within

Stranded and leaderless, the clones of AEGIS SQUAD realize that they are on their own to proceed. They locate the droid position and assault, defeating all opposition, including a walker-sized spider droid.

During their attack, they realize that something is terribly wrong: all communication has been jammed, and the droids are using deadly force.

After gaining access to the communications center interior, they stand on the threshold of a long, dim corridor. Their only chance to shut down the droids lies somewhere in the darkness ahead…

Sniper: “I’m back in black: switching to night-vision.”
Rifleman: “Copy. Night-vision activated.”
Comms: (checking his equipment) “The droid control terminal should be to the east.”
Medic: “That’ll be the easy way to shut down all these clankers.”
Heavy: (patting his gun) “If not, there’s always the hard way.”
Sniper: “Do you see a faint blue glow down there?”
Comms: “Negative. I just see a big dark blur.”
Rifleman: “Affirmative. Blue glow. Possible shield generator.”
Medic: (shaking his head) “If there are destroyers in this hallway…”
Heavy: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

The troopers take down their first Droideka destroyers in the hallway. Proceeding into the next room, they find a familiar face. Another clone welcomes them and tells them they have made it to the end.

One rifleman, the communications operator, and the medic, approach in good faith, thinking that their final test of soldiery is complete.

The team sniper (dubbed “Roger” because of his insistence on using the droid comms protocol of “roger”) and the other rifleman (0580YW)see the other droids in the room and open fire.

Red (one of the Aegis gunners) sees doors opening and investigates, noticing another rooms full of Droidekas. He opens fire and disables one before it can power on.

The strange clone opens fire on the squad.

What is happening?



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