SW D6 Aegis Squad

Episode 1 Wrap-up

We didn't see that coming...

Aegis Squad managed to complete their “training” mission without further casualties. Inside the communications center, they fought through an ambush, shut down a security breach, and encountered and defeated a new type of droid.

Some Character Highlights:
• 0369CF “Fingers” kept talking in disbelief to his fellow “clone” even when others’ instincts prompted them to start firing. When the fighting was over, he gave his fallen brother what little dignity he could by covering his corpse with a blanket.
• 0580YW thankfully remembered to pack some grenades which he used effectively in the hallway ambush. Sensing that the trap had continued into the control room, he immediately began firing and took out half the droids single-handedly.
• 0650RD “Red” was apparently paying attention on Droideka training day: he took down 4 of them.
• 1400BD managed to stop the data upload and shut down the droids despite taking multiple wounds and his obsession with bacon.
• 1506SK managed to keep from killing any of the wounded troopers despite numerous equipment malfunctions and unfavorable combat conditions.
• 5433AB earned the nickname “Roger” by continuing to use the CIS droid communication protocol for affirmatives. His instincts saw through the imposter clone almost instantly.
• 6712SS earned the nickname “Softball” with his less-than-effective usage of grenades. His obsession with geometry seemed to outweigh his actual ability to toss a grenade.

Some Intelligence:
• There is a new model of droid. Its CIS designation is the T1. Intelligence is naming it the “Doppelganger” because it seems designed to replace its targets by literally wearing their skins.
• Large amounts of classified data were transmitted off-world through the holonet. There is a huge potential for CIS exploitation of this data.
• Five clone troopers are confirmed dead after this mission: 1 rifleman, 1 demolitions, 2 pilots, 1 lieutenant, and the training exercise technician.
• Aegis Squad’s command has been commissioned to Lt. Layna Therin, a Bothan naval intelligence officer.

Some Treasure:
• Special Blaster Carbine: +1pip damage, +1pip attack
• Special Scope: +1pip attack
• Single-use Missile Launcher: 8D damage
• Single-use Medical Supplies: +1D to Treat Injury (with or without other equipment)



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