SW D6 Aegis Squad

"Fingers" Log, End of Episode 1

He died for a reason.

0369CF – “Fingers”, personal audio recording:

Training did not prepare me adequately for today. I did not expect betrayal by my own brother, and insofar as that went, I was right. It was not a fellow clone who betrayed us but an abomination of his flesh. I know that the trooper who died died for a reason. He died for the Republic. Still, to witness death on the battlefield is something that cannot be known until it is experienced. To see your brothers take grievous wounds… mortal if not for the quick intervention of our medic, when this was… well it was supposed to be a milk-run.

Live fire instead of stun blasts greeted us. Our drop ship was incinerated as we glided down. Communication out. It was hard to believe at first. Then it all happened so fast. My training kicked in. All of ours did. While heavy guns opened fire, I snuck undetected past enemy lines. We had taken out 90% of the enemy infantry at the gate before I even got there, but still managed to take one down and was the first to see the walker. It’s lucky we have men with heavies who have true aim. I tried for the emplacement gun, but it’s all droid interface. That was all over in literally seconds. We had breached the gate. There was more hell between us and our objective… at that point we were trying to restore comms and seek secondary objectives from command.

It’s honestly a blur after that. I pieced it together for my official log, but let’s face it. A lot of droids were disassembled, and a few of us were too as we worked our way toward the command center. It seemed at times that our comms officer was on the ground more than he was standing. Medic was screaming status, keeping us alive. Heavy guns were taking and delivering the majority of the damage. I was fleet of foot as usual, out in front but fast enough to stay safe. I had the feeling like I was invulnerable, I wasn’t hit at all. Barely shot at. Like the sims. It felt like the sims.

Until we got to the command center. I felt in control, despite it all, until then. To see a fellow officer, seemingly resisting communication, refusing to properly give us his status. It was… confusing. Then our sniper… he must have seen it. I screamed to cease fire because how could I know he was so right. Of course it was the droid. WEARING. WEARING one of our brothers. ))(%*#@$. It’s not done. It’s not honorable. It’s not what a soldier would do. Not my training. I EXCEL damnit. I am a GOOD trooper. We do not train to see our brothers worn as suits.
::audible sound of glass and pouring liquid::


It… was all over. So soon. I regained my composure. Called it in. Nevermind what I was going through flesh with my hands when I discovered it was a droid. Nevermind that I covered the mutilated body of the trooper who was stripped of skin with a sheet before I did it. I’m calling that the cost of my education. I broke down. I showed weakness, but I was still the first man to call it in. Still the man who called for tech on the terminals. Still the man who regained his composure fast enough to make the tactical decisions that needed to be made. Call that moment of weakness the cost of my innocence. It’s paid in full.

That trooper, he died for a reason. He died so that I would better serve my Republic. So that I can lead my squad if need be. Whether that means command, or to lead from the front, I stand rededicated to my convictions. I will put my vibroblades and blaster-bolts through as many of the Republic’s enemies as necessary, discover as many T1s as possible until my brethren stand safe and the Republic enforces its just order throughout this sector. This galaxy.


To the Republic.



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